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Socks Service:

Terms of Services
Terms of Using

- User can use access only from one PC at a time.

- Service doesn't limit user in using traffic, speed of access is defined only by channels at final and intermediate points "from" and "to" servers.

- Tariffs of service are based on full prepayment. Unpaid accounts will be turned off as soon as payment ends.

- Activation of subscription happens after payment by merchant.

- If it technical problems in work by service guilt, service must compensate time of favour unavailability or give similar service on dead time.

- Clients duty includes: timely technical support warning about non-working services.

- Claims are accepted only upon inaccessibility of services

- User have permission to use services only with full agreement of given rules.


- Any type of spam and flood is FORBIDDEN - also FORBIDDEN single , but undesired for receiver distributions by e-mail, instant messangers and other types of connection. SMTP protocol is not allowed on all vpn servers except "lite vpn"

- FORBIDDEN any criminal/hackers activity!

- Spreading of any illegal materials is FORBIDDEN, also information which fails to standards of ethics.

- Any type of unapproved accessing to another service is FORBIDDEN.

- Any activity which can make straight or oblique damage to working or reputation of service is FORBIDDEN.

- At revealing of infringements from the user, service have a right to stop this users account without a notification.

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